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Techni Ice

Techni Ice Classic Travel Chill 45L Ice Box Red-Orange

Techni Ice Classic Travel Chill 45L Ice Box Red-Orange
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  • Size 45L 100L 200L
    External Dimensions (W x L x H) 34 x 63 x 37 cm 44 x 76 x 47 cm 56 x 96 x 58 cm
    Internal Dimensions (W x L x H) 28 x 55 x 30 cm 36 x 67 x 40 cm 48 x 86 x 50 cm


    • - Compression seal
    • - Stainless steel latches
    • - Stainless steel hinges including screws and nuts
    • - Recessed molded handles
    • - Polyurethane multi-compound insulation
    • - Stackable design

    The travel chill series of coolers use the latest manufacturing techniques to produce these light weight but highly durable thermally stable coolers . These coolers are ideally suited for daily commercial use to deliver perishables from producers , supermarkets etc. to their customers and for transport ,storage and sales of food and perishables at farmers markets etc. to ensure temperature compliance required by health authorities . They are a one-piece mould design to ensure long life and suitability to daily use in commercial applications .and feature high density Pu compound insulation and stainless steel fittings , Thermally stable and economically viable are the qualities that ensure this model is the solution for all your commercial requirements .

    travel chill 45l