• The Techni Ice sheets are made up of 24 individual cells that can be simply cut between each cell to your required size. This makes it ideal to fit into any sized packed lunch box, cooler or as a specific injury wrap for e.g. ankle or wrist.

  • Yes, your Techni Ice sheets are uniquely designed to be reused thousands of times over both hot and cold for many varied applications.

  • Techni Ice uses patented treated non-toxic polymer technology, and quite simply works on a process called 'Cold Transfer'. This technology enables it to actively pass the cold onto your products, and then simply maintains the temperature. After a few days of use your sheets may not feel frozen but your products will still be chilled, cold & fresh without any mess, wetness or spoiled food!

    Unlike products like freezer bricks, ice and other ice packs that often don't retain cold for longer than a few hours, are also often heavy, perspire and leave wetness inside coolers, which results in spoiled food & drinks. Techni Ice however was initially designed as a dry-ice replacement for the movement of pathological (organ) samples by aircraft is used by many of the worlds leading companies ensuring frozen and chilled food and medical goods are kept in perfect condition for product movement nationally and internationally.

    Remember; make sure you pre-chill your products before they go into your cooler. The colder the products are before going into the cooler, the longer Techni Ice will maintain them that way.

  • It should only take 2-3 minutes of firmly scrunching the sheets under water for them to fully hydrate. For optimum and a more rapid hydration we recommend that you hydrate the sheets in warm water. Techni Ice is virtually maintenance free, but for users with a continued usage of their sheets we recommend that you simply re-soak your sheets every 6 months for continued best results. For more information visit our How To Use page.

  • Your Techni Ice sheets are made up to a unique patented design, and they are made of 4-layers making them very durable and robust. Techni Ice is designed to give you many years of constant reuse when used properly.

  • Techni Ice sheets are lightweight and very easy to use. They are flexible when frozen making them ideal for cooling wine bottles, fruit juice or for treating injuries, aches and pains either cold or hot! When used inside a cooler simply "line" the walls and top of your products with your Techni Ice sheets, you'll see that they take up virtually no room and keep everything inside cold, dry & fresh.

  • Absolutely, Techni Ice is used worldwide by thousands of sporting professionals, amateur sportspersons, Red Cross and St.John's Ambulance as the perfect injury & sports wrap for reducing swollen injuries or for aches & muscle pulls requiring heat therapy. The 24-cell flexible design enables the sheet to mould into an affected area of the body. Remember, that the Techni Ice sheet can also be cut to size also making it the perfect school, office and home-injury pack for bumps, bruises, aches and pains.

  • We often like to take away our favourite foods on our holidays it could be anything from bacon through to bringing back wines, hams or cheese from a short trip to France for these uses Techni Ice is perfect!

    But, If you are going away for a longer holiday, you can take full advantage of the commercial benefits of Techni Ice by taking 2 coolers. One cooler is lined with Techni Ice and used for immediate use and one is lined and sealed for later in your trip. Simply freeze your sheets and place them in a cooler with your pre-chilled goods. Keep this cooler completely sealed for use later in your trip. Use your second batch of Techni Ice sheets inside the cooler for immediate use, when this has been exhausted the goods in the sealed cooler will still be in a chilled, fresh condition and ready to eat!

  • Techni Ice can really make a difference to those of you that use plug-in car fridge's. Techni Ice when used in conjunction with 12v fridge's makes them more energy effective & thermally efficient keeping them cooler for much longer without running down your battery! Placing your Techni Ice sheets inside reduces the amount of energy needed to run your fridge, keeps the fridge & its contents chilled when the engines turned off and thus extends your battery life. This intern can save you a great deal of money, time and hassle.

  • YHow many times have you had to rush home to stop the frozen ice-cream thawing out but had a few things to do first? Remember to take your Techni Ice with you when you go shopping, and keep your frozen or chilled foods frozen, cold and fresh until you get home hours later