Techniice Warranty Information

Techniice products come with warranties that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage during the warranty period of the product.

Warranty periods depend on the type and model of product you purchase.

The Warranty does not include:

  • Any transport costs to get the product to or from repairer or Techniice Office.
  • Postage of parts.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully pack, send and pick up the faulty product. Techniice takes no responsibility for any damage caused during transport (we recommend you insure the product against any damage during transport).

Who can activate warranty?

Techniice Warranties only cover the original purchaser. Techniice Warranties are activated in line with Australian Consumer Law. Warranty claims require the proof of purchase (no exceptions). Warranty Claims require a claim authorization before taken to an authorized repairer.

What can be considered as a valid proof of purchase?

A valid proof of purchase would be either the original invoice provided to you after the sale or a bank statement showing the transaction to Techniice. Original invoice is prefered for fast processing of warranty claims.

Important Note - Techniice Warranties are not transferable and cover the original purchaser only.

Ever wonder why warranties are increasingly non transferrable and only valid to original purchaser?

Non-Transferrable warranties are a response to the daily occurrence that Australian Retailers face with Fraudsters purchasing old second hand faulty or damaged products from Flea markets or eBay etc. for say $10 then going to retail stores demanding a new replacement or refund for say $200. It is a common scam and scammers often use the threat of bad reviews or social media to get a refund with no receipt. These scammers are costly to deal with and drive the prices up for honest customers. Techniice has joined the retail alliance against this fraudulent activity and has pledged to report this activity to police.

 To submit a warranty claim for your portable car fridge, click here (opens in new window).

Fridge Warranty Information

GNA Series (Plastic Fridges)

Warranty Period

Warranty Status

Series 1 (2007-09)

2 Years


Series 2 (2010-11)

3 Years


Series 3 (2012-15)

5 Years


Note – Although the GNA Series Fridges were low-priced entry-level fridges, we still carry most parts for their models should you need any parts.




TI Stainless Steel Series



Series 1 (2009-11)

3 Years


Series 2 (2012-June15)

4 Years


Series 3 (Dec 2015-Present)

6 Years



How do these warranties operate? 


6 Years Warranty*

3 Years parts and labour +

Further 3 years parts only including compressor


5 Years Warranty*

3 Years parts and labour +

Further 2 Years parts only including compressor

Our warranty is similar to other major brand fridges but is generally longer and covers more.

Additional Information

During the second part of the Fridge warranty, Techniice covers the cost of parts and the customer covers labour and postage of the parts.

One of the most expensive Faults that sometimes occur in all brands of Portable Fridge Freezers are Internal Gas Leaks. It can cost anywhere from $400 to $800 just on labour in fixing gas leaks which Techniice covers during the parts and labour segment of the warranty.

Replacement Products

If Techniice provides a replacement product under warranty, the replacement product comes with the remainder of the original warranty, in line with Australian Consumer Law. 

Ice Box Warranty Information



-          Lifetime Warranty - Covers Manufacturing faults for the life of the original purchaser


-          Lifetime Warranty - Covers Manufacturing faults for the life of the original purchaser


-          10 Year Warranty


-          3 Year Warranty

*Warranty does not cover External Impact or UV Warping

* Lifetime Warranties are for the lifetime of the original purchaser only and are non-transferrable.

* Proof of Purchase

When purchasing you Techniice product, we recommend keeping your receipt and copy of your credit card statement in case you need to make a warranty claim. Techniice does not keep individual customer purchase information.