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A globally distributed, single point of access to all ICE futures and options markets

WebICE is the multi-asset front-end trading platform to cater for all your trading needs. It is fully integrated in the ICE Launcher, together with other ICE apps such as ICE Chat and ICE Options Analytics. WebICE includes the latest functionality, high-speed execution and resilience. It is available for Front, Middle & Back-Office with integrated API’s for Straight-through processing (STP) , a real-time Position Keeper and intra-day margin capability.​

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Why trade using WebICE?

React to market opportunity quickly with ability to set orders that execute when market criteria you set are achieved.

WebICE offers a variety of ​Exchange and Smart Order functionality to facilitate execution.

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New version 14.300 available


Application Programming Interface (API)

WebICE supports straight-through trade processing with your clearing firm, and your internal middle-office system. ICE Trade Capture API is available for companies to receive in real-time all the trades done (both screen and block trades) into their middle office system.​​​

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Extract live market data from WebICE into Excel
Traders can link and manage orders from Excel to WebICE
With an ICE Chat Pro subscription, traders are able to automatically extract ICE Chat broker quotes and display them side-by-side with the live screen market

With IOA options pricing calculator, WebICE is able to display options greeks for vanilla and complex strategy options strategies for easier trading decisions.

Redesigned to provide greater flexibility in identifying users that should not be matched on trade with each other
Offers the ability to bulk upload orders via CSV. file via the Orderbook
View spreads across the curve quickly and identify potential trade set-ups


ICE Trader Dashboard

All user guides and training resources are available here. Use your ICE login details to access.

WebICE System Requirements

The specifications are intended as a guideline for ensuring optimal performance and the best WebICE experience.

WebICE Firewall & Proxy Requirements

This is a network pre-requisite for WebICE to operate.

Requires an ICE Community account.

Capital Efficient Infrastructure

As markets become interconnected, the need for pricing and transparency has increased.