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Sustainability Report

Message from our Chair & CEO

Message from our Chair & CEO

Dear Fellow Stakeholder,

How we all think about ESG continued to evolve in 2021 with organizations of all sizes, across industries focusing on sustainability and the dividends it can pay beyond a company's bottom line. Companies’ prospective and existing employees, investors and customers look at ESG factors when making employment, investment and purchasing decisions.

What we have also learned at ICE about ESG as we publish the seventh edition of this annual report is that the work is never done, and an ESG journey is a continuum. To that end, we've committed to continued progress in this area and, like years past, there are several updates to share.

Our efforts to add diverse Board members have resulted in a Board that is now 60% women and 30% persons of color. In addition to our goals to increase diversity throughout our employee population, we took the additional step this year of setting specific, timebound KPIs for certain segments that we believe will serve as a catalyst to increase diversity throughout our ranks.

We continue to expand and refine how we manage both our impact on the environment as well as the impact of climate change on our company. In this report, and the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures report that we are publishing with it, we provide additional metrics and analysis, both of which feed our thinking on carbon reduction targets.

Finally, we continue to expand our ESG products and services based on strong customer demand, and this report contains a summary of our sustainability offerings. We are in the unique position of not just offering ESG products, but educating and guiding issuers who are navigating their own ESG journey. Through the wide reach of the New York Stock Exchange, we provide resources and platforms for dialogue to help create more sustainable companies that deliver long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

As a result, a focus on ESG runs deep throughout our entire company. Thank you for your interest in this report, and for your continued engagement as we improve the organization for all stakeholders.

All my best,

Jeff Sprecher signature
Jeffrey C. Sprecher
Chair & CEO, Intercontinental Exchange

Sustainability Reports

Reporting Standards

We use standards such as SASB, TCFD and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to measure and drive our efforts.